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Introducing our Printing Department: Revolutionising the Print Industry

Mar 18, 2024

We're thrilled to announce the launch of a new department in 2024.

The backstory

When we rebranded from Yarns Dubai to Handmayk in 2023, our marketing team prioritised ensuring everything was Handmayk branded.

We approached the print industry for customising products like shopping bags and t-shirts with our logo.

However, we encountered numerous issues, including communication, pricing, quality, delivery, and invoicing.

Additionally, we discovered that the industry needed more transparency and was secretive about guiding others on what materials to buy or how to print.

Thus, we launched an all-in-one industry for printing - buy, learn, customise.


There are many print techniques...


We're starting with sublimation and heat transfer and will soon launch screen printing in the next few months.

Stay tuned for the introduction of additional printing techniques in due time.


What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a printing technique where heat and pressure are used to transfer dye onto materials such as fabric, metal, or plastic, resulting in vibrant and durable prints.


What is heat transfer?

Heat transfer is a method of printing in which heat is used to transfer a design from vinyl paper onto a substrate, such as fabric or paper, creating a permanent bond.


What can you customise with sublimation or heat transfer?

You can create custom t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, notebooks, keychains, and many other personalised items.


Do you sell all the materials?


We offer many materials to meet all your printing needs, including paper, ink, heat transfer vinyl, printers, heat presses, cutting machines, blanks, and more.


Sounds complicated.

It's only complicated if you don’t know how to print.

And the industry will not guide you!

Join our workshop, learn all the trade secrets, and build your own business.


Can I make money from this?


With the proper knowledge and equipment, you can start your own printing business, selling personalised products online or providing custom printing services to local businesses.


Can you customise for me?


Whether you need a single unit for yourself or a bulk order for your business, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you bring your designs to life.


For more information...

Visit our dedicated pages for sublimation and heat transfer.

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